About Mentoring:

I do not define success as a particular salary cap, standard of living or a certain amount of money in a savings account. A working definition for success in my life is about living the best quality of life with strong core relationships, a balanced Spiritual Life, advocating for the lives of others and living a life completely in line with my values. The fun part of this definition is that it is not measured as a goal to be achieved, but rather a journey that is lived now. 

I offer mentoring in the following areas: 

Spiritual Life Coaching: 2-3 Sessions Recommended

I do not believe there is any part of our life not touched by Spirituality. The money we spend, the food we eat, the clothes we buy, the items we purchase, how we budget our money, how we treat our friends neighbors and enemies is all rooted in our spiritual life. 

Spiritual mentoring is not about telling a person what they should believe, but helping someone determine what their values are and how they relate to their current Spiritual life. If you are interested in exploring your own faith, which I find to be separate from spirituality, I have known what it means to be a fundamentalist Christian to being an atheist as well as exploring other major faith traditions only to discover the beauty and commonalities that exist in all of them. 

Declutter Coaching: 2-3 Sessions Recommended 

I believe that the best way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it, however, that is not for me to decide for you. All of our needs are different and the stuff we require for our life changes on an ongoing basis. Mentoring is this area is about helping people ask the right questions to determine what their needs are and what items truly give them joy. If you approach this mentoring area with trepidation in fear I will tell you to get rid of your great-grandmothers priceless ukulele collection, have no fear. I am here to help you determine what you already know to be true.  

Priority Coaching: 1-2 Sessions Recommended

In my professional life in the social sector I have been asked what my top 3 priorities are for the next year. When sitting in meeting I have been told what our 10 priorities are for one project. If priority means “first thing” how can a person have 10 first things when facing a single project? How can a person have 10 first things when working with a budget, decluttering their home, writing a blog or creating a piece of artwork? 

I believe that we all have learned to stretch ourselves so thin that we end up producing sub par work. Where I believe our life can be divided into separate passions, this does not mean we can make each of them a priority. 

Communication Coaching: 

Our world is full of different cultures, political views and spiritual perspectives. Many of our social problems and misunderstandings are due to poor communication. How we communicate with family members, coworkers, friends, enemies and even the guy who flips us off  in traffic has a tremendous impact on how we shape the world we live in.  

In even just one session, I believe I can help a person discard the two way street to community and how they can better communicate without expecting the other to do the same.


August: 4 Sessions

September: 4 Sessions

October: 4 Sessions


I am not a licensed attorney, therapist, counselor, physiologist or psychiatrist. All of my advice is based on my own personal experience and growth as a human being. Any guidance or advice should be treated strictly as subjective opinions and not as facts or legal advice. Anyone considering changing their diet or exercise regiments should first consult a physician.